Keto friendly products and treats  are not necessary by any means, but they do make it a little more fun!
Below are my favorite keto friendly products.  
You can click the image for the direct link to the product website! 
SmartBun from SmartBakingCo
10% off code: KCM
Cake Bites by Mindful Desserts
Wraps by CutDaCarb
Quesadilla burger using CutDaCarb wraps
Veggie Crust By KBosh Foods
Protein Cookie - Quest Nutrition
Mini Flatbreads by Cali'Flower Foods
Pancake Mix by HighKey
Perfect and fluffy pancakes using HighKey's mix. Available on Amazon and directly from HighKey.
RealGood Foods
Available online or at Walmart! Realgood Foods has lots of options for a ketogenic eater!
Chocolate by Lily's
Stevia sweetened assorted chocolates!
BBQ Sauce by Alterna Sweets
Sweet and smoky, AND delicious! Sweetened with erythritol and stevia!
Sugar Replacement by Ketologie
This is my favorite sweetener. It is comprised of organic erythritol, organic stevia, and natural vanilla!
Strawberry Shake by Konscious Keto
Delicious keto-friendly strawberry shake
Chocolate Shake by Koncious Keto
Creamy chocolate shake - Keto friendly and super delicious!
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