• Miranda

Pork Rind Nachos


1 bag Pork Rinds

8 oz of Chicken/Pork/Steak

1 Smashed Avocado

1/4 Diced Onion

1/4 Diced Tomato

1/2 Jalapeño

1-2 cups Shredded Colby jack Cheese

Sour Cream


Lime wedge




Lay out pork rinds in oven safe tray, sprinkle cheese, cooked protein (steak), and more cheese. Bake in 350 degree oven for 10 mins so that the cheese melts. Meanwhile, smash an avocado into a bowl (add pinch of salt, pepper, and lime) and dice the onion, tomato, and jalapenos. Remove tray from oven, spinkle the onion, jalapeno, and tomato on top. Dollop the guac, sour cream, and salsa or whatever your lil ❤️ desires.

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