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Ketofied Braciole!


1 medium sized onion

1-2 shallots

4 cloves garlic

3 tbsp Parsley, chopped

½ tbsp Onion powder

½ tbsp Garlic Salt

½ tbsp Italian Seasoning 

~10 sheets of raw Braciole (Thin sliced meat)

½ lb Provolone cheese

Grated parmesan cheese

3-4 tbsp Avocado oil

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Pepper

1 Tomato

1 ½ cup Red Sauce 

Butchers Twine

Dice your onion, shallot(s), garlic, and parsley. Add your seasonings. You can also use a food processor or a mortar & pestle to make into paste like filling. 

Chop your tomato into large chunks. 

Lay out the Braciole

Sprinkle salt and pepper over the braciole

Top with 1-2 slices of provolone cheese on each

Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top of provolone cheese

Top with your garlic-onion-shallot mixture/paste. 

Roll Braciole up, tie with butcher's twine vertically and horizontally. 

Sear on a hot skillet with about 3-4 tbsp avocado oil. 

Put your tomato chunks and any leftover onion-shallot-garlic mixture into a large crock pot. Top with your seared braciole.  Top with red sauce. Cook on high for 2 hours. 

Slice and serve with sides of choice!

 *Pictured: Spaghetti Squash*

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