Hi again! 

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Philadelphia, PA

I'm Miranda!


Eating is my favorite hobby!  And, cooking is my 2nd favorite. I could spend all day in the kitchen. It is the best room in a house. My favorite thing about cooking is sharing what I've made with others.

I do like other things and I'll occasionally share more than just food!

When I'm not in the kitchen or eating, I'm most likely bingeing a Netflix show or planning my next adventure.  

I love to travel! And, when I do, I typically splurge and eat whatever I want - because, well, life is short!


There is something so magical about visiting a new place and immersing myself in a new culture that makes me feel so alive. I love to go to places I've never been before. I typically stay away from touristy spots/stays and try to get the real authentic experience in hidden towns and local/family owned bed and breakfasts. Below are some photos from my favorite places.